Xtag offers a versatile, secure and simple to use monitoring solution that saves time and provides peace of mind for nurses and carers. Xtag is particularly suited to environments such as hospital wards or care homes where access is open and staff numbers are limited. In such situations, baby abduction and patient wandering can be serious issues. Xtag offers peace of mind.



Baby Monitoring

Large maternity wards, busy staffing rotas and relaxed visiting hours increase the security risks to babies. Monitoring the welfare of newborns is a demanding task at the very least without taking in to account security issues. Xtag gives you peace of mind.


Mother and Baby

Xtag prevents the mismatch of mother and baby. It offers peace of mind for mothers and hospital staff by allowing nurses to monitor various situations.


Paediatric Patients

Constantly monitoring large numbers of children on a pediatric ward can be a challenging task, taking in to account building constraints and limited staff numbers. Possible situations can occur in an instance. The flexibility of Xtag's applications allows you to care for all of your patients without compromising the quality of service you provide.


Dementia Sufferers

Dementia sufferers can find themselves in unsafe situations because the environment they are in may be unfamiliar to them. You can rely on Xtag to help manage the wandering risks associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia.


Patient Wandering

Xtag allows nurses to discreetly monitor individuals and prevent 'at risk' patients from leaving treatment areas or putting themselves in unsafe situations.


Head Injury

Confusion and uncertainty about their environment can mean patients who have suffered head injuries or had head operations can find themselves in harms way. Xtag is versatile, it allows staff to monitor individuals as is necessary.



Valuable Assets

Xtag's intelligent system can also manage expensive equipment and assets, reducing the risk of theft. Hospitals and care facilities are vulnerable to the loss of equipment on a daily basis. Xtag can save time and money, allowing you to fully focus your efforts on the people in your care.


Access Control

Xtag's door opening system allows automatic hands free entry for badge holders, perfect for when you have your hands full. This feature can provide a solution for disabled access requirements amongst other applications such as vehicle access.

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