WiFi Temperature Monitoring

Whether you need Fridge monitoring or Ambient temperature monitoring. we have extensive knowledge and knowhow to provide a world class solution.

From -150C to 1300C, we can cover the full range

Set alarms by email, audible, SMS or Pager.


WiFi Mobile 

In order to guarantee the safety of patients, the drugs in pharmacy must be stored and monitored at certain temperatures, and uninterruptedly documented. This not only requires time-consuming work from the pharmacy team, it also does not allow for mistakes. Our automated measurement


System Topcat has considerably simplified temperature monitoring, allowing pharmacists the highest level of security. With the Wi-Fi data logger system Topcat, all relevant ambient, Fridge, freezer and Humidity conditions are safely under control. Simple, anytime and anywhere.



Friendly Interface

Reports are accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone, so are able to keep on top of things wherever you are. record actions taken, facilitate workflow to resolve issues and automate full audit of all actions taken.





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