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Promatica Hardware Solutions

Increasing pressure on the healthcare sector to reduce costs and to streamline processes has lead to a greater need for new innovative technology solutions. Our data collection, mobility and barcoding solutions make it possible to automate management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare provider. 
From managing the everyday operations like patient tracking and administration, through to specimen collection, theatre equipment and patient records - our diverse range of hardware solutions and software will enable your organisation to not only be at the forefront of technology, but to lead the way when it comes to optimising and streamlining process reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Wristband Printers, Touchscreen Monitors and Scanners 

In hospitals and medical facilities around the world, instant identification and accountability of all patient-related information is now a universal mandate. Through the labeling such as medical wristbands with barcodes containing patient data, this process has been streamlined, making it a key component in most hospital operations.

For health care applications, barcodes are used to improve efficiencies in operation and procedures, as well as to correlate numerous vital divisions in the industry such as automation reception, record keeping, the maintenance of reports, case papers for patients, examination of equipment and the quick and accurate management of data. While not flashy, barcodes have provided invaluable tools for medical professionals.

Nearly every facet it works, particularly when it comes to tracking, authenticating and documenting billing information for patients. With 99.9 percent accuracy, barcode scanners provide an essentially error-free method of data entry, eliminating harmful errors that could cause an inaccurate diagnosis or a prescription of the wrong medication.

Because of their reliable nature and ease of use, barcodes continue to improve the way that medical professionals keep records and work with patients. They have become a vital asset for the healthcare industry, providing ability to quickly and accurately diagnose patients, reduce errors and, most importantly, ultimately save lives.

DT Series Wristband Printers 

   The DTband is perfect for printing retail labels and tags,hospital and recreation wristbands


  • Versatile and portable patient wristband and label printer

  • Print labels and wristbands directly at the point of care

  • Improve patient safety 

  • Prints tube tags, pharmaceutical labels, patient identification records, medical records and lab specimen tags

  • Ultra lightweight and compact for space utilisation

  • GS1 compliant devices  


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UTC TouchScreens 

  High quality touchscreens designed for the hospital environment - All GS1 Compliant 


These devices work well with medical applications where cost, rugged design, and flexibility are key. Packaged in different form factors, they are designed to be placed on existing fixtures such as a countertop, reception desk, or bedside, or as a natural control interface and display. All-In-One touch computer platforms simply provide a compact design, more flexibility with a choice of configuration and connectivity options, more serviceability with easy access to key components, and more processing power. In addition, a wide array field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a selection of input/output port connection options make the UTC series versatile and powerful. 

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Barcode Scanners  


In the mission-critical world of healthcare, caregivers need to be able to accurately capture virtually any barcode, on any medium, in any condition — with first-time every time predictability. Designed with ergonomics and the hospital environment in mind, these scanners provide premium performance, durability and ease of use ideal for an array of data capture applications in healthcare. 

Our unique range of barcode scanners are designed to provide a crucial link to patient safety with Positive Patient ID, Automate asset management to make sure that you always have the right supplies, equipment and medications on hand and enable nurses to administer medication more quickly and accurately, helping to avoid costly errors.

GaneData supply a range of GS1 compliant scanners: 

  • A full range of 1D/2D scanners available
  • Bluetooth & WiFi ranges 
  • Handheld/ Omni Directional 
  • Anti-Microbial protection range 

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