Enterprise solution that helps your organisation manage key trial information, providing a transparent view of all activities in one place.

Dashboards help to deliver quality service to the patient and provide a centric view to the MDT

  • Improved processes
  • Timely information
  • Comprehensive view
  • Supports mobile working
  • End-to-end fate of clinical trial products
  • Instant access to drug and patient information
  • Touchscreen enabled technology



  • Single point of consolidated Trial Information

  • Staff competency register—driving actions

  • Diary booking and management of prescriptions

  • Patient communication by Email and Text messaging

  • Stock management and QP release

  • Billing trial and disbursement fees for full cost recovery

  • Barcodes used throughout for tracking

  • Patient Level Reporting

  • Patient and Trial search capability



Are you able to plan all of your clinical trial activities in advance?

Clinical Trial Manager utilises features from our award winning software WebTracker that allows you to track the status of any given prescription. Using barcodes and scanners you can label each prescription and track it from arrival at the pharmacy to patient delivery.

Clinical Trial Manager lets you plan your workload in advance and set prescription schedules for each patient on the trial.

Clinical Trial Manager provides a dashboard and calendar view so you can see the current status of any trial and the current work-list for any given day.

Clinical Trial Manager provides easy navigation so with a few clicks you can view high-level trial information and drill down to individual patient details.


Do you have a transparent view of all current clinical trials in one place?

Clinical Trial allows for the full management of clinical trial information associated with patients. The system manages patient sign-up, supply of clinical trial drugs, invoicing, labelling and management of all documentation associated with a clinical trial.

Clinical Trial Manager has been designed to facilitate security and compliance with industry standard clinical trial procedures.

Clinical Trial Manager utilises a comprehensive security model to ensure only competent users can access the appropriate functions for each trial

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