"Webtracker has brought calm and order to the work in the BRI dispensary. The process of booking each prescription onto the tracking screen ensures work is visible and travels through the dispensary in order. The dispensary team can easily see via the dashboards and work stream screens which prescriptions are next in queue and those which are coming close to exceeding our local targets.

The tracking systems is easily viewable by wards and departments who can see for themselves prescriptions have been booked in and can watch their progress through the dispensary process to the end point when it is ready for collection, this in turn has reduced the volume of telephone calls asking 'is it done yet'. The useful notes section allows us to provide live feedback on issues which can delay the progress of work allowing wards to effectively plan and communicate with patients.

The data provided by the tracking system has enabled us to drill down so we can strive to improve our processes and contribute useful ward and department usage information when contributing to discharge flow improvement work within the hospital and demonstrates to the Trust Board we can deliver our targets.

The process of developing our screens and steps with the Promatica team has been an easy one. Promatica provide excellent support which is agile and rapid helping us to ensure the screens and process steps are accurate for local working. The product is so versatile and as we get more confident with it we can turn on extra bits within the programme and it seems there is always something new to explore."

— Dawn Wilson, Pharmacy Operational Manager



"In 2010 a web-based prescription tracking system was installed which allows us to track discharge and outpatient prescriptions. Patients are continuously updated on the turn-around times for outpatient prescriptions and ward staff are informed when patients' discharge prescriptions have been processed.

This system allows us to monitor our dispensing performance on a daily basis thus allowing us to respond accordingly to ensure that an efficient service is provided at all times."

—Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (Intranet News)



"Real-time prescription tracking, error recording and providing real-time information to wards in hospitals are just some areas where WebTracker has exceeded expectations. It reduces the time taken to discharge patients and works smartly so staff are able to focus on clinical work while having access to key information at their fingertips.

WebTracker allows staff to track prescriptions through the various stages of the dispensing process. As soon as a prescription arrives in Pharmacy, it is entered onto the new system and is then scanned at a number of points during dispensing. This means that hospital staff can quickly answer queries as to where the medicines are by checking on the live dashboards.

WebTracker can also be used for tracking notes, assets and blood."

—Dr Hugh McIntyre, Medical Director for East Sussex Hospitals Trust


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